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Kedoshim - video sermon

I love the Gemara's idea that

"placing a stumbling block before the blind"

could look like inciting anger in another - riling them up so they see red and eventually "trip" with the force of their response. And I love the idea that not cursing the deaf means watching our words even behind closed doors, even when nobody can hear, because those words still have an impact... on our own souls.

In these very difficult times, where there is much to curse and much to be angry about, let's see our role in cooling things rather than heating them.

The final clause in the pasuk (verse) is "you shall fear Hashem" - above all our human emotions and machinations is Hashem, who sees every step ahead when one person goads another, and sees behind our closed doors.

#ShabbatShalom with the emphasis on #Shalom


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