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Who We Are & What We Do

Our Story

The Borehamwood Partnership Minyan was set up in 2013, following a model of many similar communities around the world in which women and men co-lead services in "partnership", following orthodox halacha (Jewish law). The motivation for this community was our search for a spiritual, uplifting, and inclusive orthodox Jewish prayer and social space in which everyone can take part. The community began with a series of study sessions because changing the status quo requires understanding of the texts and social issues involved. Since then, our community has flourished. We meet every 2-3 weeks for services, meals, learning and social action projects and continue to grow.

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Our mission is to build on the past 10 years, further developing a community on the foundations of halacha, spirituality and participation from women and men, which inspires and elevates participants and the wider community through a welcoming atmosphere, uplifting prayer, social and cultural events, stimulating Torah learning, and a soulful approach to the orthodox siddur.


Our Vision

Imagine a Jewish world in which people of any gender, age and background felt a sense of belonging in shul. Our vision is of a community which empowers our members to live meaningful Jewish lives. We aim to provide inspiring services, learning opportunities, and social events that enrich the lives of our congregants.

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Kehillat Nashira -What's in a name?

Our name reflects two of our most important values: spirituality and inclusivity.  The word Nashira means “we will sing” and reflects both aspects, in that we are all joining together ("we will") to exult Hashem through singing and davening ("sing"). Kehilla means community, which reflects our goal to be there for each other, celebrating happy time and supporting each other through the hard times. 

The Team


Miriam Lorie

Rabbi in Training


Jonny Hart

Treasurer, Trustee

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Daniel Benedyk



Andrea Jacobs

Operations Manager


Chana Baram


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Gaby Scher


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Georgina and Josh Gavzey

Roshei  Nosh

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Stephanie Woodrow



Rachel Harris


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Miriam Westbrook

Children Service


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