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Shmini - video sermon

There are many theories why Nadav and Avihu bring a

"foreign fire that was not commanded"

which led to their deaths - they were drunk, they weren't properly dressed, they thought themselves above marriage, they wanted leadership for themselves, or even the positive read that they wanted to be close to God beyond the veil of this world.

Today, I share an interpretation that feels close to home - that Nadav and Avihu wanted to push for more, that they weren't satisfied with something very good, and wanted to squeeze and push it further. That they weren't able to recognise and just "be" in a phenomenal moment. We, too, so often try to push and hustle and over elaborate... and it doesn't help us. As Ben Zoma in Pirkei Avot says:

"Who is rich? One who is happy with their lot."

If you'd like to immerse yourself in this idea with a beautiful 15 minute meditation, I highly recommend Rachel Anisfeld's meditation on 'What is Enough? Parshat Shemini.


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