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Shemot - 60 second video sermon

It's a new year of 90 second sermons and a new sefer - the book of Shemot.

Fab to be back with the wonderful Rabbi Joe to share a thought on our joint favourite parasha, in which our great prophet and leader, Moshe, grows up and has his first few powerful and somewhat painful leadership moments. None of which could have developed without the generosity of spirit of Moshe's brother Aaron in welcoming a new leader. And Moshe came with a privileged palace upbringing, the spaciousness of life as a Midianite shepherd, the inspiration from his father in law and mentor Yitro, and the calling at the burning bush... all of which Aaron had never tasted.

This is surely what we need in these painful times more than ever - people making space for one another, lifting each other up, letting other people's skills shine to get a job done well. Not letting ego, politics or power get in the way. Ultimately for the end of releasing bonds of oppression and alleviating suffering wherever it is found.

Thank you Aaron for showing us the way.

And thank you Rabbi Joe - I'm always here for lifting up your own phenomenal leadership.


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