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Lech Lecha - 60 second video sermon

Miriam is joined this week by her 'Pause for thought' friend, Remona. The Rambam said that Islam and Christianity pave the path towards a future messianic time. We are all children of Avram / Avraham / Abraham / Ibrahim, the first monotheist and the father of our family of faiths. Our parasha, Lech Lecha, is all about the love between God and Avram and God's call to him to take himself and his descendants on a Godly journey.

"It's too soon". "I can't face other people". "Were still in our own mourning". "It's too painful". These are all things I've heard about inter-faith dialogue and particularly Muslims in the last couple of weeks. And I get it. But we need to turn towards one another wherever we can, others who also cry for innocent people killed and whose lives have been torn apart, other people who are working in their own way for peace. Let's not feed stereotypes or allow fear to close us in our own silos. Let's have the brave conversations, build bridges and seek truth and Godliness. That's what Avraham would have done.



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