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Three great articles on the Halachic arguments surrounding Partnership Minyanim

These three articles provide a good starting point for an in depth halachic analysis of the arguments surrounding Partnership Minyanim:

Qeri'at ha-Torah by Women: A Halakhic Analysis Mendel Shapiro Abstract: Mendel Shapiro offers a comprehensive review and analysis of the halakhic issues raised by women's participation in qeri-at ha-Torah (public Torah reading) in a traditional minyan (quorum) of men. The author argues that the only tenable halakhic objection to women's aliyyot in such a service is the one raised by the Talmud - that the practice violates kevod ha-tsibbur (the dignity of the congregation) and that there are certain circumstances where women's aliyyot should be permitted.

Qeri'at Ha-Torah by Women: Where We Stand Today Yehuda Herzl Henkin Abstract This essay is a response to and analysis of the argument presented in the previous article ''Qeri'at ha-Torah by Women: A Halakhic Analyis'' by Mendel Shapiro. The author articulates practical and theoretical conclusions on the questions of women's aliyyot and Torah readings

Congregational Dignity and Human Dignity: Women and Public Torah Reading Daniel Sperber Abstract: Since the principle of kevod-haberuyot overrides that of keovod ha-tsibur in classic halakhic argumentation, this article argues that in congregations where women genuinely wish to have greater participation in the synagogue service and an inability to do so causes them hardship, women should be called to the Torah and read their portions should they desire.

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Rabbi Daniel Sperber, On Changes in Jewish Liturgy: Options and Limitations (Jerusalem, Urim Publications, 2010) Review: ‘this book attempts to delineate the parameters of halachically permissible changes in Jewish liturgy -- changes that have precedents in traditional sources and that may correct anachronisms and defuse possible conflict, thus enhancing the experience of prayer for an ever-widening spectrum of Orthodox Jewry.’ Chaim Trachtman, ‘Partnership Minyanim: A Response to Rabbi Barry Freundel’ Chaim Trachtman, ‘Partnership Minyanim: A Follow-Up Response to Rabbi Freundel’ Rabbi Josh Yuter, ‘Land of Confusion: A Response to R. Broyde on Women Leading Kabbalat Shabbat’ Marc B. Shapiro, ‘Partnership Minyanim and More’ (A response to R.Freundel and R Zev Farber) Elana Maryles Sztokman, The Men’s Section: Orthodox Jewish Men in an Egalitarian World (University Press of New England, 2011) Study of the men who attend partnership minyanim in Israel, with some surprising conclusions Crystal Decadenz, ‘Men being ‘nice”: another look at partnership minyanim’ (review of Elana Sztokman’s book The Men’s Section) May Women Touch A Torah Scroll?: Devorah Zlochower ( Ta Shma: The Halakhic Source Guide Series / JOFA)

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'For and Against'

Chaim Trachtman (ed.), Women and Men in Communal Prayer: Halakhic Perspectives (Ktav, 2010) A collection of papers (including R. Mendel Shapiro’s article) by R. Daniel Sperber, Prof. Tamar Ross, and others ‘The Rebbetzin’s Husband’, ‘Resource Guide: Changing the Role of Women in Public Prayer’

Further miscellaneous articles relating to issues of gender in Orthodoxy

The Feminist Contribution to Halakhic Discourse: Kol Be-isha Erva as a Test Case. English Translation Tamar Ross

'Aliyot for women in an orthodox setting?' Source Sheet The Broom Tree

​“Women, Kri’at haTorah and Aliyyot (with an Addendum on Partnership Minyanim)” Aryeh A. Frimer and Dov I. Frimer, Tradition, 46:4 (Winter, 2013), 67-238


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