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Collect CRP points with Kehillat Nashira

The window for collecting Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) points for admission into Jewish schools opened on 5th April 2024.  

If you will be collecting CRP points with Kehillat Nashira this year, you need to register by clicking this link. Registration is open now.

This year, we are delighted to be able to offer three different ways to collect points at Kehillat Nashira:

  • Attending services (up to 4 CRP points)

  • Attending shiurim

  • Tricky parenting days in the Torah - a course for parents/guardians who are applying for Primary School (2 CRP points)

  • Ethical Dilemmas and Judaism - a course for parents/guardians and their child/ren for Secondary School applicants (2 CRP points)

  • Volunteering with Kehillat Nashira (2 CRP points)


PLEASE NOTE: Every school has different requirements for CRP points, therefore we highly recommend that you check the entry requirement of each individual school on their website and speak to the schools directly if you have any questions.

Frequently asked questions

What is CRP?

The Certificate of Religious Practice (CRP) gives applicants the chance to demonstrate Jewish practice when applying to schools where a CRP forms part of the information to be supplied at the time of application. Parents and children complete this for nursery and primary applications, and the child does it for secondary entry in years 7, and 12.

How many points do I need to collect? 

Some schools will require 4 points, and some will ask for 6 points. Please make sure you check with each school you are applying to.

How do I collect points at Kehillat Nashira?

You can collect points by:

  • attending services; and/or

  • Attending our series of shiurim (2 points for attending six sessions).

  • Volunteering with us (2 points)

2 points awarded to those in Jewish education setting.

When can I start collecting points?

The dates are as follows:

  • For people applying for nursery and reception, and Year 12, the start date for collecting points by attending shul will commence on April 5th 2024, and will close on January 15th 2025.

  • For people applying to Year 7, the start date for collecting points by attending shul will commence on April 5th 2024 and will close on October 31st 2024.

If I want to collect points from attending services, how does it work?

Please make sure you have registered in advance of attending. A volunteer on each Shabbat will keep a record of your attendance. Please make sure the volunteer has noted your attendance.

Can I collect CRP points in more than one location?

Yes, you can! For example, to collect your 4 points you may choose to collect 2 from attending Kehillat Nashira 4 times, and 2 from attending Borehamwood United 4 times - just make sure you register at all locations.

Where do I get my CRP form from?

Once you are sure you’ve collected the full number of points required, you can download the CRP forms from each school’s website. We will sign the form to authorise that you’ve collected points with Kehillat Nashira and you will then send this directly to the school you are applying for.

Where can I find out more about the CRP process?

Attending Shiurim/Sessions

Miriam will be running two courses designed for those who are collecting CRP points.  Attendance at all six shiurim yields 2 CRP points.

For parents collecting for Primary School entry

Miriam will be running her successful ‘Tricky parenting days in the Torah - a course for parents / carers’.

A text and discussion-based course looking at the trials and tribulations of parenting, through stories in Bereishit 

  • Wednesday 19th June - The world's first parents; Adam, Eve and the brothers who can't get along

  • Wednesday 17th July - Children who have seen trauma; Noah's three very different sons

  • Wednesday 11th September - How not to run a blended family; Abraham, Sarah and Hagar's family story

  • Wednesday 9th October - Treat each each child according to their nature; Jacob and Esau

  • Wednesday 6th November - Favouritism and fairness; Joseph and his siblings

  • Wednesday 4th December - Together at last; twelve tribes, one family

All evenings 8:15-9:15pm 

For Parents and Children collecting for Secondary School entry

Miriam will deliver a BRAND NEW sessions on ‘Ethical Dilemmas and Judaism - a course for both parents/carers and their children’.

This course is tailored for kids and parents to learn together with lots of discussion of ethical issues through the lens of Jewish texts.  As a pilot course, we have space for just 6 kids with their parents - with priority for Kehillat Nashira community members.

  • Monday 10th June - The ethics of social media

  • Monday 17th June - Respecting your parents; how far should you go? 

  • Monday 24th June - Who comes first; you or your friend? Monday 1st July -  Bodies & boundaries 

  • Monday 8th July -  Dealing with a bully 

  • Monday 15th July - When Judaism clashes with the rest of your world 

All early evenings for 1 hour - when the course is filled we'll canvas the best time for the group.


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