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Bereishit - 60 second video sermon

The midrash says that God created multiple worlds before settling on our one. Click here to watch Miriam's 60 second video sermon.

But even in the early stories of Bereishit, the world as we know it is destroyed and rebuilt, destroyed and rebuilt. Think of leaving the garden of Eden for the tough real world, the first murder in which Cain is banished, think of Noah's ark in the flood, think of the scattering after the tower of Bavel - over and over again humanity messes up and the world resets. And this sadly hasn't changed to this day. Because built into the fabric of our world is tohu vavohu - uncontrolable, dark chaos. I wish I had a message of comfort this week but instead it's one of understanding the darkness that exists and that all we can do is limit, control and order it... and eventually reset.

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