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10 years of Kehillat Nashira with Amy and Jason Braier

Our next installment of our series of interviews with members is with Amy and Jason Braier, read their words as they reflect on a decade with Kehillat Nashira.

As soon as we moved to Borehamwood we knew we wanted to join Kehillat Nashira. We love the services and it means so much to us that our children are able to grow up experiencing a different kind of service where both of their parents can take part, and in a community where everyone is encouraged to play a role. It also helps that Kehillat Nashira has the best kiddush in the borough!

We’ve had many memorable moments from the amazing Simchat Torah services to chocolate fountain Megilla readings, Jason being Chatan Torah for his role in children’s services and Miriam’s brilliant divrei torah. However, our most special memory is the baby blessing we had when Joshua was 3-months-old. It was so moving and meaningful to be able to celebrate the joy of his birth and publicly acknowledge the pain of our losses, and that of all those who struggle to start or complete their families, in a Jewish way.


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